Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/24 and 5/25 AM


5/24: Guided Mark, his son John and John’s girlfriend Julia for a full day. We had terrific fishing during the morning hours with the bite tapering off as the day went on. We started just after 8 am. Action was best in shallow from 30′ out to 70′. We had some action deeper later in the day with hits and chases out around 140′. The quality of the fish was excellent – we had around five lakers running 28″ to 31″ long. Another 8 lakers rounded out the day. Four to five of the fish were wild. It was redemption after a one fish half day last year after the lake got very muddy after heavy rains.

5/25 AM: Guided Max, his friend Tom and Tom’s son Alex for a half day. You’d think after 13 years of guiding full time and plenty of fishing prior to that, I’d have an idea of what was going to happen today. We had similar conditions to yesterday but a light breeze and more cloud cover. Lo and behold most of the fish that were shallow had apparently disappeared or at least weren’t hitting well for us. Tom and Alex managed a nice fish each early on. Tom lost a nice one when he went to let Alex crank it in. A lot of fish are lost on that “transfer” move. Anyways we had some good chases out deep around 125′ to 145′. So the bottom line is to keep an open mind and check a lot of depth ranges. If you aren’t finding active fish shallow, go deeper. Don’t keep doing what worked yesterday or last week. Although the catching wasn’t great, it was a gorgeous day.