Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/25 AM


Had a truncated, but productive morning out of Long Point with Curt and his daughters Jenna and Tennessee. We started at around 8:15 am. We found fish to be a little deeper than on Thursday – around 65' to 85' seemed really good. Bait has moved in big time in the shallow to mid-depth zones. The gals did great today with each one landing solid 28" to 29.5" fish as well as a few others. A storm blew through around 11 am and we decided to head in early. We were able to avoid some good rain and there was some lightning around too. It's always a tough call since sometimes what appear to be strong storms on the radar dissipate before they reach your post_title, but better safe than sorry. All it takes in one lightning strike to ruin your day or life.