Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/13 AM


Met Jamie and his son Brody at the launch just after 6:30 am.  Conditions were a lot different than they were for our Monday trip!  We had honking south winds around 12 to 16 mph gusting to 23.  A couple guys were heading out in a small boat with a 15 hp outboard on it.  Fortunately they turned around and headed back in.  We had slow but steady fishing on the morning.  Overcast skies and rough water made for a tougher bite but Brody managed to land three solid fish including a 10lb 31″er and a 9+1/2lb 29″er (that was considerably fatter than the 31″.)  Jamie is going to have a replica mount made of the 31. Jamie managed one laker as well.  A few hits were missed but no fished dropped.  A lot of fish were suspended over 100′ to 120′ down maybe 55′ to 60′.  The thermocline is set up. Nobody else went out of Long Point this AM.  If the lake had been any rougher, we would not have launched but it wasn’t too bad when we went out and the forecast was for south winds from around 7 or 8 mph up to 16 mph.  Some days you see more of the low-end, unfortunately today it was the higher end of the predicted range and up a bit more!