Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/15 AM


Did a half day trip that resulted in some of the best fishing of the year this morning with Mike (not my usual fishing buddy, but a client). We started at 6:30 am and action really cranked up around 7 until around 9:30 then was steady but good through the rest of the AM until we wrapped up around 11. Lots of big fish in the mix! He had 4 or 5 lakers in the 28" range and two bigger at 29". A lot were dropped and 16 were landed. Fish are well fed and healthy looking with no fresh lamprey wounds. Fish range from shallow to deep but we did best from 65' out to 85' or so. Water temp on bottom where we were catching them was 42 degrees! That's cold! Water temps cooled in general around Long Point after yesterday's incredible blow. We'll see how the fishing goes the rest of the week. Tons of alewives have moved up in less than 100' FOW.