Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/22


Guided Dave and “Dapper” Dan for a full day. Dismal Dan and Steve fished near us for the later part of the day after having to purchase a new battery over at Bass Pro Shops.  I didn’t know how things would shake out after the deluge of rain we received on Wednesday night and Thursday.  The lower lake is still likely a muddy mess.  We did not go south of Long Point today.  The northern portions of the lake are in reasonable shape.  There was a lot of debris around Stoney Point today but north winds over the past couple days have kept the debris and mud to the south.

I was wondering what the fishing would be like – fortunately it wasn’t just good, it was downright excellent for us today, even in the murky water.  Dave and Steve landed close to 30 solid lake trout today, including 5 fish that were over 30″.  Top fish was a wild 31 1/2″er that went 12.2lbs on my accurate TEC scale.  Fish fought great for the most part.  We took all of ours in less than 100′ FOW.  The thermocline was pretty much destroyed by the wind of the past couple days so laker friendly water temperatures were available in very shallow water (again.)  Now hopefully we won’t see a big algae bloom after all the rain.