Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/22


Guided Todd, Amy and their son Gage for the full day starting just after 6 am. Some of the best lake trout fishing of the year is currently taking place on Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, but then again we’ve got tremendous lake trout opportunities here nearly year round. The bite today started strong and went well until the clouds broke for the day around1 pm.

We worked areas on both shores north and south of Long Point. Around 14 or more solid fish were landed. Fish are feeding heavily on alewives of various sizes. Never saw an eel today, though a couple lakers showed some healed scars. Depths ranged from around 65′ to 90′. We had one brown show for a jig as well near Aurora.

Gage is around 7 years old which is younger than I typically guide, but he has a mature sense of patience and he really loves his panfishing. So we spent about 1/2 the day working the shallows with some plastics tipped with maggots fished under a small float. The system is deadly on solid pans! We all had a good time watching the bobbers go down and seeing the downright drop-dead gorgeous large pumpkinseed sunfish come to the boat. If these fish weren’t so common and were tropical, I’d imagine people would spent a lot of money for a couple for the fish tank. Big bluegills were biting well and there were a lot of small perch in shallow. We saw some nice largemouths still in spawn mode around the shoreline too.

The perimeter of Cayuga is currently LOADED with pans and I’d expect good shorefishing from Cayuga Lake State Park, Dean’s Cove, Long Point State Park, the Aurora Town Dock and Mudlocks to name a few areas, so if you’re looking to get into some, whether with kids or without, there’s no excuse! No need for a boat and plenty of public access.