Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/24


Did a full day trip with Robert, his son Thomas and Robert’s son in-law Wyatt.  The guys hail from Kansas near Lincoln Nebraska but have roots in Syracuse.  It was a top-notch day of fishing and catching.  We wound up with 19 fish landed – 18 lakers and one solid brown around 21″.  Two of the lakers were 29″ to 31″ fish.  One was wild.  The thermocline is well formed now.  Debris seems to be gone for the most part although there are occasional big logs bobbing around to watch out for.  Water clarity is good and I think cooler lake temps are preventing algae blooms for now.  Fish are feeding heavily and plenty of bait is around.  We had follows from other non-lakers including likely rainbows and salmon.  Fun day with perfect air temperatures out there.  Surface temps range from 61 to 63 degrees.  Fish came from around 65′ out to maybe 90′.  No word on lower lake conditions but I would expect much more debris down there.