Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/26 – 27


6/26: Guided Dave and his son Dan for a full day on Monday and a half day today. The threat of storms loomed over us on both days. The other Dan – “Dismal Dan” didn’t make it out this year, so that was another factor we had to deal with 😉 Fishing was good at times on Monday but overall was fairly slow in comparison to what we’ve been experiencing thus far for most of the late spring and summer. The guys landed 8 solid fish and lost some good ones as well. It was a “catch ’em eat ’em” trip and we boxed all 8. No sign of gobies in the stomachs I checked. It’s all alewives. We had to run back into the launch to wait out one storm but after we went back out the fishing never really picked up, whereas with Greg yesterday, after the storm the fishing got hot. Go figure – it’s hard to predict at times.

6/27: Today was some hot fishing. We had some shower activity in the morning that gave way to sunshine by around 8 am. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the storms looming in the forecast but today we had a bit of the “pre-storm bite” with terrific action for most of the morning. The guys landed 20 solid fish today. We kept 5 or 6 and again, they were chowing on alewives. We were lucky to finish up when we did around 11 am. The storms that rolled in were brutal.

Fish on Cayuga have been averaging 25″ to 27″ with a few 28 and 29s. Top-notch size and condition! Boat traffic has been very light.