Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/26 AM


Guided Steve and Shelby for a 1/2-day trip starting just after 7 am.  The big blow of a couple of days ago really took care of whatever algae was starting to prosper.  The lake is very clear for this time of year.  I’m guessing there’s 5′ or 6′ – maybe even more visibility.  The water in the Long Point Marina area is completely crystal clear.   Surface temps are at 70 degrees.  The thermocline is getting stronger and we did encounter more waterfleas than previously.   Weedmats are still minimal up north.  I’m guessing that they are getting worse the further south you go on the lake, but I’m not sure.

Fishing was very good today with some hot bite windows.  Every day over the past three days I’ve had my anglers in completely different parts of the lake.  The water has been moving a lot and the fish are moving with it.  We had a solid double-digit play with one double today.  Fish ran from 20″ to 28″ and are still full of bait.  My clients kept a limit of nice fish.  Depths fished ranged from 65′ to 115′ today.  White/chartreuse and all white worked best for us.  Boat traffic was super-light today.  Only a couple rigs launched out of Long Point today.  I believe it’s the first day of summer vacation for a lot of NY State kids.

Steve and Shelby with their double