Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/28


Guided Dave, Dan and Dan for a full day of laker action. Dave and his brother Dan were out last year around this time and we had a great day before having to call it quits a little early due to thunderstorms. The forecast was looking ominous for today as well but was downgraded to showers late last night.

Fishing started out good when we got underway around 6:45 but then slowed as showers and cloud cover intensified. We did a bit of running around today working downlake towards the power plant area. Fishing was decent virtually everywhere. A lot of nice lakers were landed. Dan #2 was out with us for the first time. He capped the day off by hooking a very solid fish that he couldn’t move much. Was it a sturgeon? The thought crossed our minds but the fish was coming up a bit before running back down and staying down. After around a ten minute battle I slipped the net under a massive lake trout! A wild fish that was thick and 35″ long! Dan #1 has an extensive fisheries and guiding background – we estimated the fish at 16lbs. If not, it was certainly close. We took a couple quick photos and released the trophy. It was in good condition. Great day all the way around. I can’t recall the exact number of fish landed but it was in the 16 to 18 range if I remember right. Most activity was from around 75′ to 90′ FOW. Some fish are also suspended way offshore – more of a troller’s game but you can jig out there via electronics, though we seldom do it. Fish are feeding heavily upon alewives.