Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/30 + 7/1 AM


Fishing remains good to excellent on Cayuga Lake. I'm glad I just have AM half days for the most part over the next week given the Arizona-like heat in the forecast. The goal is to get out early, catch some fish and get off the water before we bake. I call this weather "gar hot." It can be good gar fishing!

6/30 AM: Guided Oleg and his friend Victor starting around 6:45 am. We had top-notch jigging with 10 solid fish landed in around three hours. The guys had plans later in the day with their wives and were happy to leave a little early, so it wound up being a quick trip for me. Same depths as I've noted recently produced for us. Boat traffic was fairly high today.

7/1 AM: Guided Jim and his sons Jim and Joe, again starting at around 6:30. The bite was a little tentative to start but picked up good after maybe an hour. Terrific July fishing with a hot bite on some great fish until around 9:30 or so, which then tapered off to a slow and steady pick. Best fish was a hair under 31". We had at least one double too. 16 solid fish landed.

The fish that I've cleaned have had freshly eaten alewives in them. Fish are likely feeding mostly at night with the full moon phase upon us – which might account for the tentative early bite. Who knows? No sign of lampreys other than a rare old wound. Also no sign of bonus salmon roaming around. My friend Todd and myself encountered some a week or two ago but I am not seeing last year's numbers anywhere thus far. It doesn't mean they aren't out there – just that I'm not seeing them as of yet. But my feelings/observations after this past spring are that a lot less fish are out there this year.