Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 6/30 AM


Guided Scott and his wife Trish for a 1/2 day starting at around 6:45 am.  Scott was out with me around a year and a half ago with his son, when he wound up catching a large brown on a stickbait.  We did a little laker jigging on that late winter trip, but didn’t land much if I remember right.  He’d been doing some jigging lately and not had much luck so he contacted me.

His wedding band slipped off his finger and bounced off the dock at Long Point and went into the water.  He figured he’d wade in and get it after the trip but I saw it on a flat rock and was able to hook it with a Hopkins spoon.  So we were able to get off on a good start after a potentially disastrous or at least sullen morning.

Wind was a factor today as was the cold front that came through.  We had fairly respondent fish in the morning but no hookups.  Some small salmon were chasing too. After an hour and a half Scott finally nabbed a laker, then another one.  After that, Trish got a good one.  A couple other fish were missed/dropped but that was it for the morning.  A slower day than what I’ve seen lately but still ok.  Water conditions remain good.