Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 7/12 AM


Guided Deb and her sister Liz for a 1/2 day targeting lake trout. The jigging was superb on Cayuga Lake with an exceptional bite going throughout the entire AM. Deb and Liz don’t fish much, but they managed to land 15 solid lakers. I took one cast to straighten out a reel and landed a 28″ fish – that’s how good it was! Reports from mid-lake were that the bite slowed down a bit. We had great fishing start in around 75′ to 90′ then the hot bite seemed shallower – like from 50′ to 65′ or so. Countless fish were missed and dropped. Every third drop of the jig pretty much resulted in a hit! Anyways, terrific AM and we had 2 wild fish in the mix. One large laker came up with 2 attached live lampreys, but that was it. The other fish were healthy looking and pretty clean.

The Salvation Army Derby was going on (which I was unaware of.) That’ll give a good indication of how the salmon and non-laker trout fishing is going on Cayuga.