Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 7/19 + 20


Lake trout jigging remains tougher than usual due to the continuing algae bloom. Hopefully the cooler days over the next week will restore the clarity to Cayuga Lake. Fish are still feeding albeit at a slower pace. Fish I have cleaned over the past two days do not have much bait in them. Maybe we’ll see a big feeding binge once the water clears up. I’m not sure how far down into the water column the murky water goes. Fish do show signs of activity throughout the day. Larger plastics (like 3.75″ Shakers) have been producing better for us than the usual 3.25″ models. Fish are widely distributed throughout Cayuga Lake.

7/19: Guided Wayne, Dan and Ron for a full day. We worked various areas from N. of Long Point down to AES and many points in between. Fishing was fair (i.e. for Cayuga these days – it would’ve qualified as a good day on Seneca and great day on Keuka size-wise) with 7 fish landed on the day and another half dozen dropped. Fun day with gorgeous weather.

7/20: Guided Anthony, Dominick and Gary for a full day. Again – I’d call it fair fishing. Another 7 fish were landed including a couple in the 28″ to 29″ range. One or two fish were dropped. Beautiful weather though the wind picked up quite a bit throughout the morning.