Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 7/23 AM


Guided Greg and his son Alex for 1/2 day starting at 6 am. We were met with 3 hours of fairly steady, soaking rain and the bite was pretty much non-existent to start. But as skies began clearing, the lakers turned on with a vengeance and Alex got things started with a nice 23″ fish. Then came a 27″er. Another 6 or 7 fish were landed making for a terrific 90 minutes of fishing. 85′ to 95′ was best near Aurora; laker temps were deeper further north.

Best lures the last few days have been white reapers (yesterday,) chartreuse BPS inshore angler swimbaits (today) and the usual Lunker City baits. I’ve been trying out the new Lunker City Swimming Grubsters and Swimming Ribsters with some success. I’m looking forward to trying them on Keuka soon. Again, no lampreys today. We had one wild fish in the mix as well. Most fish released today and yesterday. Loads of 23″ fish in the mix.

BTW – Alex tried eating a lamprey last year and enjoyed it. I’ve now known around a dozen people who have tried eating lampreys out of Seneca/Cayuga. Everybody has found them to be good eating. Not one person I’ve talked to who has tried them didn’t think they were good – and that’s rare with just about any kind of food. It doesn’t mean I keep them to eat often, but for those interested, they are very good. English Royalty must know something!