Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 7/8 AM


Guided Ed and his neighbor/friend Tim for a 1/2 day trip on Cayuga Lake getting underway around 7:15 am.  I picked the guys up via boat at Dean’s Cove.  Tim had a minor setback in that he forget to get a fishing license.  Fortunately he buys hunting licenses annually, so his name and information was already in the NY DEC computer system and he was able to pick one up online within 15 minutes.

The algae bloom is on.  The water looks pretty bad in places.  We were way up north and as far down south as the power plant on the day and everywhere looked about the same.  We had a tough morning of fishing.  Ed nabbed a nice lake trout in surprisingly warm water on his third drop of the jig.  He wanted two to take home today and that’s what he wound up with.  Tim nabbed fish number two for Ed and after that Tim had maybe three or four more hits but that was it.  My guess is that fish would’ve “eaten” at some point of time during the day, but that didn’t seem to be the case when we were there.  The guys had a few good chases (on the fish finder) that didn’t wind up materializing into hookups.  Water fleas are pretty darn thick as well.  Trolling must be a chore right now on Cayuga!  Fishing is currently better on Seneca (yes – I said it) and Owasco Lakes.  You can’t keep Cayuga down for long and tomorrow or Sunday may be a completely different story.  It seems to take fish a little while to get adjusted to the water conditions, but once they do, they will eat.