Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 8/12


Did a full day today with Leo and Ada. They’ve joined me for a few dates over the past few years. They do things on their terms and like to start around 8 am. For some reason, things always work out for them. Today was no exception.

We got started around 8:30 am. The bite around Aurora was decent with Ada landing two fish in fairly short order in around 90 FOW. Then things shut off. We then worked a lot of places without much to show. But lo and behold, in the afternoon storm clouds began forming and the bite resumed with Leo catching the next 3 fish and then Ada caught one more. So we did limit out and they got some nice fish to take home. Size ranged from around 19″ to 25″. A couple fish had fresh lamprey marks on them, but that was it for the eels. One dink salmon was also landed.