Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 9/10


I can’t remember a year when I spent more time on the water than this one – maybe 2009, but I’m not sure. Got out with my buddy Mike for some largemouth bass action today. We fished from 8 am till past 4 pm. I’m learning a lot and things are coming together quickly regarding areas, what to expect bass-wise, presentations for tough conditions and strategies. Conditions weren’t easy today with south winds steady around 10 mph+. Late in the day the winds started gusting into the upper teens and we dealt with a lot of whitecaps and roiled water.

We wound up landed 8 mostly solid largemouths (up to 19″+,) along with a pickerel and rock bass with Mike catching the majority of the bass. The bass we caught were in shallower water than they’d previously been. Best tactics included Chatterbaits, Senkos and jigs. We didn’t have much of a crankbait bite at all. As the pros mentioned, fishing for bass in midlake and downlake areas on Cayuga requires a lot of perseverance. Water needs to be covered quickly and versatility is important. There’s a lot of “dead water” and marginal weed areas on Cayuga Lake, but there are some nice largemouths scattered around the perimeter of the lake.