Cayuga Lake out of Long Point/Dean’s Cove 5/24 + 5/25 AM


Fishing continues to be good to excellent on Cayuga Lake for lake trout.  I still do have Memorial Day open for a half or full day trip.  June 11th, 25th and 26th still are open.  I can probably work in a 1/2-day PM trip on some other dates if you don’t see what you want.

5/24:  Guided John and Drew for a full day trip out of Long Point on what has become an annual or twice annual trip for laker jigging.  Fishing started out good with a few fish landed and a bunch missed.  The fishing got better throughout the day and peaked around the end of our trip.  Another very solid double-digit day with fish topping out around 29″. We had no sign of fresh lamprey wounds or live lampreys.  Fish can be caught at plenty of different depths and friends have done pretty well lake wide.   We’ve had good luck on a variety of jig (plastic) colors including white, chartreuse silk (Lunker City), Arkansas Shiner (Lunker City) and black.  The new Lunker City chartreuse silk/ice color was also excellent for us.  A variety of lures work for these fish but I heavily favor the LC baits due to their saltwater formulated plastic.  They can withstand numerous fish.

5/25:  Guided Charlie and his friend Mike for a 1/2 day going out of Dean’s Cove, since they drove up from Penn Yan.  We had another excellent day (half day in this case) with plenty of fish being caught throughout our morning trip.  They kept three big fish and I found some alewives in their stomachs when I cleaned them.  Fish are in a regular feeding mode – they aren’t feeding as insanely as they were in April and early May, which is normal.  Fish are also fighting really well.  My guys from yesterday were out and told me they jigged up a nice salmon.  A troller I talked to trolled up a good brown today.  Fish appear to be well-distributed throughout the lake, which is also normal for this time of year.