Cayuga Lake out of Long Point State Park 5/15 + 16 PM trips


I don’t often do two PM trips in a row, but that’s just what Craig booked.  Craig owns a couple tattoo parlors and has been a regular over the past few years minus one year.  I first guided him way back in the mid-2000s on Seneca Lake. Craig was out on Skaneateles Lake with his friend Dave when Dave landed that giant brown back in April.

5/15 PM:  Guided Craig with his buddy Dan.  Dan’s also a tattoo artist.  Fishing was fairly slow for us this afternoon.  We started at 1:30 pm and were out on the water for a long half-day trip.  We worked from around 25′ to 140′ FOW, with no areas being particularly “hot” for us.  Only three lake trout were landed on the afternoon, but Craig nabbed his personal best to date, a 32″ fish that was just under 10lbs.  Both guys dropped some hookups.  We encountered a decent number of fish, but many were in a neutral mood.  Midges weren’t too bad, but they are still out there.

5/16 PM:  Today Craig was joined by his friend Brian, who like Dan, is a tattoo artist and has also been out with me before.  We worked different areas today and the bite was much better.  We took fish from 35′ to about 70′ of water.  Plenty of large bait schools were around.  Chartreuse and also Alewife colored Shakers did the trick for us today.  The bite was very good today and the guys had a good double-digit day.  Water temp on top is 53 degrees.  I don’t think the different areas made the difference in the action; I think it was the weather system.

Craig's 32 incher from Monday!