Cayuga Lake out of Long Point State Park 5/19, 20


Guided a double on Sunday and a full-day yesterday (Monday.)  Lake trout are scattered as is the norm for this time of year.  Bass fishermen are catching trout in 15 to 20 feet of water.  Plenty of fish are in mid-depths and out deeper, mostly suspended from what I’ve seen.  Baitfish are in shallow as well.  The key this time of year is to be on the fish when they’re active and try to figure out which ones are active.  It’s easier said than done!  Surface temps are around 57 to 62 degrees.  Down 30′ to 50′ you’ll find 44 to 48 degrees depending on the day.

5/19 AM:  Guided Kyle and his wife Siobahn starting at 8:15 am.  I went with a later start time due to fog concerns.  Fortunately the fog wasn’t an issue.  The AM bite was slow with Kyle nabbing a fish around 18″ or so.  Later in the AM the bite picked up and we wound up having a good day.  I think 9 fish were landed – I can’t recall exactly.  We got them mainly around 65′ to 85′.

Handing one over to Kyle

Kyle holding one

Siobahn holding one

5/19 PM:  Guided the afternoon with David and Jon.  I’ve guided Jon a fair amount of times in the past and know Dave, but it was the first time Dave had been out with me.  I had some mornings open, but Ed, who booked the trip, wanted an afternoon.  The bite depends on the conditions, but during June/July, you’re generally better off starting early.   Anyways, we had a tough day.  A few fish were landed and some hookups were dropped.  Dave wound up keeping a couple solid fish for the smoker.  The bluebird day and high sun kept the bite fairly subdued.

5/20:  Guided Jim for the full-day starting at 7:30 am.  Jim was last out with me in 2008!  He thought maybe it was around 2012, but my how time flies!   We had a slow but steady bite all day long today.  We never went long without a hit, but it certainly wasn’t fast and furious.  There were quite a few fish shallow and we might have done better casting than jigging, but there were also plenty of fish out from 40′ to 65′ or so, and that’s what we targeted.  I ran Jim all over the lake today and we found fish just about everywhere we tried.  I think the best one was around 28″ or better and wild.  Fish were somewhat tentative, but periodically we’d find aggressive shoals of them.

Jim hooked up