Cayuga Lake out of Long Point State Park 6/27 AM


I was back on Cayuga Lake today with my second and final trip of the season with the Mariano clan.  Today I had Steve, from Tuesday, his son Steve Jr., and grandson Matthew.  Matthew and Steve (Jr.) were out with me a few years back when we had some great fishing up near Dean’s Cove.  Today I picked them up at their B + B, the Driftwood Inn. I remember Jim and Tammy from the Driftwood back in my waitstaff days over at Kidder’s Landing around 1997!  That was a loooonnnnng time ago!  I had a lot of fun in those days, but I’m glad those days are in the rear-view mirror.

I picked the crew up just after 7:30 am and we fished around the Sheldrake/Kidders area.  It wound up being another very windy day, with lots of WNW and NW winds that held steady around 12 mph and at times gusted well into the 20s.  Fortunately, it didn’t come remotely close to Monday’s wind conditions!  The owner of Don’s Marine showed us a boat hoist that flipped all the way upside-down during Monday’s winds.  I’d like to believe Monday was a dream.

Fishing was pretty good for us today.  We stayed around 70′ of water and had plenty of bait around us along with fish.  Hot color was black and young Matthew had the hot hand, followed by Steve Sr.  I believe the guys landed around 8 lakers today.  A few silver fish (likely rainbows) followed the jigs up and on occasion hit, but were lost.  Fish ran 23″ to around 28″ today.

Water clarity remains excellent for this time of year on Cayuga Lake.  With the strong north winds today and tonight, then strong southerlies on Saturday and Saturday night, combined with some lower nighttime temperatures, we may see the algae bloom hold off for quite some time.  Time will tell!  A few friends were out today and struggled a bit, but all managed to catch some fish.

Matthew tries the old "hold the fish up to the camera trick" in order to make his fish look HUGE! Nice try Matt! This seventh-grader isn't fooling anyone!

Steve hooked up in the midst of a freak "summer squall!"