Cayuga Lake out of Myers 11/16 PM + Seneca Lake out of Lodi 11/17


Not a whole lot to report here. I went out for a few hours on my own Monday afternoon out of Myers Park just to check on Cayuga Lake. The lake level is still very nice. Water temps were around 50/51 degrees. I fly-fished for maybe 2 hours for salmon and caught a dink and had a couple other hits from dinks. I hit just one area. I expect very good salmon action this fall/winter/spring on Cayuga Lake. The fish are out there. I also scouted a few areas for another hour or so checking on weedgrowth for pike fishing.

I more or less did the same thing on Seneca Lake yesterday. The winds were supposed to be light out of the south but it was fairly nasty out there. I scouted out a bunch of areas. Basically just tried to better learn some relatively “alien areas” on the lake. Water level was still good and temps ran from 49/50. I found some more pike areas. Tried some salmon fishing with no hits. By the time the lake got fishable, it was getting dark out. Oh well….