Cayuga Lake out of Myers 11/30 PM


Got out for around 3 hours on my own today. I fly-fished, gear-fished and spent a little bit of time vertical jigging. The numbers of young salmon in the 10″ to 11″ range distributed around the lake remains impressive – I pulled my streamer away from a lot of them today and I was fishing areas I did not fish yesterday or last week. Most fish are ones that were stocked earlier this year – in April or May. These fish would have been stocked as yearlings – meaning the eggs were taken around October/November of 2013, hatched in the spring of 2014 and then stocked this past spring. There are a few fish around in the 14″ to 15″ range – these would have been stocked in 2014. Numbers of legal sized fish are apparently quite low. I have yet to land a legal salmon this fall while casting gear or fly-casting.

I managed one 17″ laker on a 1 oz. jig. While casting for salmon I had a good hit and after a very good battle I slipped my net under a chunky, clean 21″ brown. I released both of these fish. I then dropped a salmon around 15″. Next time I fish Cayuga, I’ll likely try further north, perhaps around Long Point or AES.

Water temps were in the 46/47 degree range today. Launching is possible at Myers but you have to be careful. It’d be easy for a boat to drift under a dock structure, subsequently damaging a windshield or something of that nature.