Cayuga Lake out of Myers 12/30


Launched out of Myers for what will probably be one of the last times of this fishing season. Things were starting to freeze up over there. We checked out a couple areas for salmon – actually mostly gear fishing instead of fly-fishing, though I did throw the flies for a bit. Had one follow from a decent salmon in an area I don’t normally fish much on the east shore, so we were happy with that. My buddy Mike worked some deep jigs.

We switched up to pike fishing and found generally cold and muddy water, along with plenty of duck hunters around the southern parts of Cayuga Lake. One tried ‘n true area yielded a clean 26″ fish for Mike on a double-bunny fly and a clean 34″ fish for me on a Clouser minnow and floating line. We saw a big brown or salmon with an attached lamprey jump and try to (maybe) shake it off, we’re not sure what the motive was for the jump – but that’s our guess.

We had to break some ice to get out of Myers – fortunately another boater took care of most of it. It should be launchable over there throughout the weekend. We saw one troller catch a smallish, maybe legal salmon. Water temps ranged from 40 on the south end to around 43 elsewhere. Water level is low.