Cayuga Lake out of Myers 3/24 PM


Got out for 3 hours on my own this afternoon. I fly-fished and managed a solid 21″ salmon on one of my bionic smelt flies. A lot of shore fishermen were around and about along with a few casters and trollers in boats. There were a few areas I wanted to fish but didn’t get around to. Water level is still very low, but Myers was launchable. I kept my big motor up and used the trolling motor to get out and back in. The fish I landed was the only one I encountered. Water temps vary throughout the lake with temps ranging from 41 up into around 43/44. I really expect salmon and browns to scatter and range from the south end of the lake up towards Sheldrake over the next few weeks. Feeder creeks have very little water coming in apart from the major tribs like Salmon Creek and Taughannock, as well as the south end tribs.