Cayuga Lake out of Myers 3/30 PM


Got out with my buddy Eric today and we mainly fly-fished until just about dark (7:15 pm or so.) At times we worked some jigs. Conditions didn't look great for salmon fishing, but with the great numbers of fish available this year as well as the changes in their habits, it didn't really matter much. We landed a good number of fish up to around 22". I got a chance to cast a couple of new fly-rods that I'd bought recently and they were both fantastic (a Sage X and a Sage Salt.) Water temps got up around 39/40. Water levels are at full pool. I kept one fish today and it was stuffed with gobies. Fish were fairly scarred up and we had one live lamprey come onboard.

I have plenty of availability in April, so if you're looking to get out for some salmon or lake trout action, now's the time! My SAGE RPL+ and Diamondback Diamondfly rods are still available if anybody is interested. I may sell some other rods off later this year.