Cayuga Lake out of Myers 4/28


Did back to back 1/2 day trips today. Fishing pressure on the lake really amped up today. I saw more boats working the southend/east shore than I’d probably seen since the late 1990s. The lake is still cold with warming water in the aforementioned areas. Baitfish (alewives) have began moving into these areas. Casting/fly-casting hasn’t been easy for us over the past week. I expect things to improve with the warming conditions this week. After that, what happens is anybody’s guess!

My AM trip was with Ken and his wife Amanda. Given the calm conditions and multitude of trollers working the southern portions of the lake, we motored north and did some laker jigging to start. Action was decent with Amanda landing a 26″ fish and Ken taking a couple smaller ones (still nice at around 22″ to 24″.) We tried some fly-fishing and spin-casting further south but only had one follow of a small salmon by Ken.

PM: I met Tom and his brother James at the dock around 12:30 pm and we headed back north for lakers. Action remained good with Tom dropping three and James landing two fish, both around 18″ to 19″. The weather got really weird as the cold front approached. It appeared as though we might get some thunderstorms! We had some rain as well as heavy cloud cover and a few wind changes. After Tom got doused pretty good by the cold rain, we dropped him off and James and I headed south. James picked up a small salmon (15 1/2″) where Ken had had his follow. We hit another area and James cast his Flatrap towards shore and got a good hit. The fish fought weirdly and he’d thought he lost it or it was a snag but lo and behold it wound up being a really nicely colored chunky brown around 23″ long and probably in the 5lb range. Nice way to end a fairly tough day.