Cayuga Lake out of Myers 4/3


Nothing new to report in terms of the Cayuga Lake level. It’s still low. Water temps are generally around 42/43. Did a 1/2 day trip with Damon and his dad Joe who was in from England. Damon has lived on the lake since last year and was looking to learn some fishing patterns. Joe doesn’t fish much but it didn’t take him long to get a knack for casting and working the jigs. Overall it’s hard trying to do more than one technique in a 1/2 day trip but we tried combining some salmon fishing and laker jigging.

We tried a stretch of lake that’s usually quite productive for salmon and didn’t have any action. After an hour or so we went to some laker jigging. The fish started off pretty active from 120′ to 145′ or so, but it took some time for the guys to get the feel for the technique. Conditions weren’t easy with steady north winds around 8 mph, a drifting boat and deep water below us. Joe wound up hooking a nice fish and losing it boatside, which is pretty rare. The jig just popped out. Damon managed to land an 18″ laker. A few other hits were had, but by the time we got the technique dialed in, the bite had slowed. We worked areas not far from Damon’s house, which was fun as opposed to running north to AES. Finished off the day with more salmon fishing. No luck there for us. Conditions looked very good and I’m certain we would’ve found them had we fished a whole day.