Cayuga Lake out of Myers 5/1


Guided Rick and his friend Gary for the full day. We spent the first two to three hours or so of the AM casting/fly-casting for salmon/trout then most of the mid-day jigging lake trout. We finished up with another hour or two of casting/fly-casting. We started just after 8 am.

We had a great AM with Gary landing his best brown trout ever on a fly – he caught a very fat 23 1/2″ brown. It fought great and hit a Joe’s Smelt if I remember right. He also tossed some other traditional streamers like a Mickey Finn. Not long after the brown he hooked up a solid salmon that was likely around 19″ to 20″ but it got off. He was using sinking lines. Rick had follows from small salmon, a pickerel and a better salmon or brown.

Lake trout jigging was good. A relatively small percentage of the fish we marked on bottom actively moved for the jigs but the guys landed at least 4 fish and lost a few. Best was Gary’s solid 28″er.

Late day casting/fly casting did not yield anything for us in the couple areas we tried. We saw a lot of suckers on bottom and a few trout but no grabs. It was nice to finally have a nice warm (if not hot) weather day out there. Saw the first “pleasure” boat of the season out there. They are on their way.