Cayuga Lake out of Myers 5/7


Despite the ample rainfall, Cayuga Lake continues to provide good to excellent casting (and trolling) for Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, brown trout and occasional lake trout. The weather forecasts have been a little bit daunting for this time of year with cold temperatures, rain and wind but those willing to dress up a bit have had enjoyable action.

Today I did a 6 hour day with Florian. He was hoping for salmon and brown trout and the fishing wound up good. The weather wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be – the north winds over a 46 degree lake actually made the day feel warmer than it was temperature-wise. We were underway around 9 am and within 45 minutes he connected with a 21″ salmon. Then came a 17″er. Both fish were scarred up a bit. Fishing stayed good throughout most of the day apart from the last hour. He wound up landing a 17″ brown and a couple more good 20″ to 21″ salmon. He also lost a nice salmon and had follows from quite a few salmon as well as some nice browns. Stickbaits did the trick today. Water temps ran around 45 – 46 degrees. There’s a lot of muddy water around. Debris was fairly minimal considering the rainfall we’ve had, but there are still some massive logs (some floating VERTICALLY) that could easily take out a lower unit if you’re not careful with the boating.

Memorial Day Weekend remains open for trips. I am taking a break from the Seneca Derby this year. I don’t feel like camping or getting a motel and commuting daily is a lot more like work than fun, so I’ll watch from the sidelines. I expect a tough laker bite but pretty good browns, rainbows and salmon. But if you’re looking to get out, Memorial Weekend is a very low boater traffic weekend on most lakes around here. Cottage/Homeowners are usually just opening up their houses for the season. So only a few boats tend to be out for much of the weekend.