Cayuga Lake out of Myers 7/13 AM


Guided Todd, Jen and Jr.(who is a big fan of this site)  for a 1/2 day of laker fishing.  I picked them up via boat at Taughannock Park.  The algae bloom is fairly heavy around Taughannock – I’ve never seen it quite like that before.  It wasn’t as bad uplake.  It was a fun day with a slow but steady pick of nice fish throughout the midlake areas.  We landed fish everywhere we tried.  Jr. had the best luck (“hot hand”) today using his own gear and intently working his tube jig as well as my paddletails (swimbaits.)  He landed lakers up to 31″. Todd hasn’t fished a whole lot recently but was happy to nab a couple solid fish and Jen was really amped reeling in her 29″ solid fish. Ten good fish were landed on the AM.  Fishing wasn’t easy – I felt we did well given how tough in some ways the bite seemed.  Various colors all worked.  Best action continues to be on the deep side for us – 80′ on out, though we had a few fish shallower.