Cayuga Lake out of Myers 7/15


Guided a full day with Ron and Matt, who’ve joined me in the past on around 1/2 dozen trips. Jigging lakers went pretty well with around 9 to 10 nice lakers landed. Three very solid 24″ to 25″ landlocked salmon were also landed (and released quickly unharmed I might add) by Ron. No lampreys came up – which is encouraging. BTW – Yesterday on Seneca we saw zero eels as well. So things aren’t as bad as many people think. All in all pretty steady, solid action though things did slow down around midday. Fish were generally deep – from around 75′ to 90′ FOW. The usual plastics in assorted colors did the trick.

Again – very few boats were out today. Many people just aren’t boating this year and that makes the weekends on the Fingerlakes feel more like weekdays. No complaints here, though it does make me wonder about the boating industry and their consistent price increases over the years.