Cayuga Lake out of Myers 7/2 + 7/3


Guided Greg for the full day on Sunday. We tried various areas in hopes of connecting with browns/salmon. We had a fair number of follows and light hits but no committments. Greg nabbed a nice 27″ laker that fought well. We worked areas for lakers and found fish but the bite was fairly slow. He landed a couple more fish. The water was very muddy in areas and murky/cloudy in others – not typically good conditions for lakers.

Today was Rick and his family. We split a full day into two 4 hours stretches with Rick joining me all day and Ryan and Sam in the AM, then young Jack and Scott in the PM. The fishing was slow but we found some relatively clear water (actually I found it with Greg yesterday) and that produced a few fish for us mostly in the morning. Rick dropped a good fish in the AM and Sam landed two. Ryan nabbed one nice one. Rick came through in the PM portion of the trip with a hard fighting 31″ solid laker that we released. Great fish! Jack and Scott were the victims of a very tough bite in the PM. They fished hard and did a great job but the fish just wouldn’t cooperate.

Boat traffic overall was very light for the 4th of July weekend. The debris certainly doesn’t make for fun tubing and muddy water doesn’t make for fun swimming. Just another week of the weird weather year that has been 2017.

July is completely booked up this year. Everything fish-wise on Cayuga Lake (relating to trout/salmon but also likely other species) is a bit behind. Around 8 or 9 openings remain in August, so if you’re planning a trip this summer, now’s the time to reserve a date.