Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/10 + 11 AMs


The bite has been a little bit tentative on Cayuga Lake since the front came in a few days ago. That being said, fishing is still good with lake trout looking very clean and well-distributed throughout the lake.

8/10: Guided Tom and his friend Joe. Tom’s been coming out with me since around 2006 or ’07. Last year Joe had the hot hand – this year it was all Tom for the most part. I don’t know how the guys do it, but they drive in from around Philadelphia starting at around 2 am then fish a half day and drive straight back! That’s pretty hardcore driving! But that can make a guy tired and that could have played into the tougher luck Joe encountered today. The guys wound up landing around 8 lakers and 2 browns. A few fish were also dropped. Fish ran to nearly 31″. Browns were in the 20″ range.

8/11: Today was Steve and his friend Tom. They took a different approach driving; they drove in from Buffalo last night and got a motel room. We had light showers to start (i.e.a sprinkle) when I picked the guys up at Taughannock. Fishing started out very promising with Steve dropping 3 fish in a row in fairly short order and Tom having a couple hits. But the bite slowed down for us as the rain intensity picked up. So much for the weather forecast of “PM Showers.” The guys had slow but not bad fishing today landing 5 solid lakers – most in the 26″ range. Fun day but the weather could’ve been nicer. At least the wind wasn’t bad – it was fairly calm out there.