Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/12 + 8/13 AM


Fishing continues to be excellent on Cayuga Lake. I expect top notch fishing for large lakers, bonus browns, salmon and rainbows for another month. By mid-September we are usually looking at the heavy laker feeding binge slowing down a bit. Younger fish tend to stay pretty active and fishing up around Long Point can be very productive in September and October. Often times I like fishing on Owasco Lake come September. It’s fun to do a mixed lake trout/pike trip then, and smallmouth bass fishing can be very good.

My schedule remains wide-open for fall fishing. I expect good northern pike fishing on Owasco and possibly Seneca Lakes. Fall pickerel/bass fishing is always good on Cayuga Lake and mixed bag fishing reigns supreme on Skaneateles Lake. By mid-November depending on water temperatures I am usually focusing on Landlocked salmon, pike and some lake trout fishing. Fly-fishing is very good at that time.

8/12: Guided Greg for a full day. The Barney Memorial (one day) Derby was going on but we didn’t enter it. I asked Greg if he wanted to enter it and he didn’t. Greg had some halfway decent action on lake trout and brown trout today. He landed three solid browns in the 17.5″ to 20″ range – basically running around 3 to 4lbs. He also caught a big laker that measured at 29.5″ – probably in the upper 9lb range. His laker would’ve likely made the board. Hard to say if we had entered the derby how our approach might have changed. Anyways fishing was good and boat traffic relatively light.

8/13 AM: Got to guide my friend/swimming buddy Jeff and his nephew Logan for a half day starting at 6:30 am. Jeff hadn’t fished since he was a kid but Logan fishes a lot in his home state of Michigan. What can I say? The bite was superb today. We targeted lakers and the guys landed around 16 solid fish up to nearly 30″. A few appeared to be wild. Lamprey wounding is very low as well. Great day and very few boats on the water!