Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/16


Guided Scott for the full day today. Last week we did Cayuga and Skaneateles and he really got into the laker jigging, so that’s what I had him do. Fishing was halfway decent to start with Scott landing 4 lakers in the first 2 hours or so. Then things screeched to a halt with fish being very tentative over the next 3 hours (shades of yesterday.) But eventually the fish started gobbling again and what a great day we had.

We found a good pod of brown trout and Scott landed 8 beauties! At least 3 of the fish were in the 11 to possibly 13lb range! All the brownies were released unharmed to fight again (we don’t hang fish to be released on scales- they get measured and let go.) Just awesome fishing. He landed more lakers as well. After a while it was tough to tell which was which from the battles. We had deep drag tearing runs from the browns — but then a big laker would do the same thing. Fast head shaking from browns – then we’d get a laker that did the same thing. I should add that Scott did a fantastic job in enticing, hooking and playing the fish. He never dropped a single one!

The fishing was so good I kept Scott out a bit longer and I dropped a line too. I managed a 22″ brown than was likely 5lbs. Also a 23″ landlocked salmon that will join me for dinner later this week. 65′ to 85′ remains best. We caught fish on both shores of the lake today.

I heard from yesterday’s clients Bill and Linda (Leigh) and they also had some great fishing today – I knew they would! Even if you don’t catch any fish on a jigging trip (which is HIGHLY unlikely)- or have a slow day, the info you gain will yield tremendous rewards in your future fishing! It’s just a superb, yet simple and great way to catch fish.