Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/19 + 20


8/19: Guided a long 1/2 day with Francisco, Gustavo and Jeff. Jeff had never fished before and Gustavo hadn’t fished a whole lot apart from his last time out with me a couple years ago (his first time fishing ever) and a charter or two over the past year on Lake Ontario. The guys were running around 1/2 hour late today. I’m not sure if that hurt our fishing much or not but we were underway by 7 am.

Fishing was slower than it had been over the past week. 8/11 comes to mind. Overcast conditions and an “off-bite.” Jeff starting things off with his very first fish – a 21″ landlocked salmon. He also nabbed a very big laker around 30″ or 31″ if I remember correctly. The guys caught a few more fish for a total of maybe 5 or 6. Definitely a tougher day. Other hits/fish were also dropped/missed. Action was never really slow but fish weren’t super aggressive.

8/20: Guided Mark I. for the full day jigging lakers. Fishing was better today with Mark landing around a dozen solid fish including a 31″, 30″ and 29″ laker. The appearance and condition of these fish has been the best I have ever seen on Cayuga Lake! Very few lamprey scars, if any. I have seen very few live attached lampreys this summer at all. The fish are also nicely colored and FAT. It’s just been an amazing year on Cayuga Lake. There’s no shortage of bait anywhere. We had our best luck from around 80′ to 95′ FOW.

The boat traffic was the highest I’ve seen all summer. Everyone and their brothers seemed to be out today. The launch at Myers when I got back was a mess. I will miss this summer but I can’t say I’ll be sad when Labor Day rolls by!