Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/22 + Lake Ontario Oswego 8/23


Cayuga 8/22: Guided Ted (who’s joined me on several occasions over the past few years) and his Uncle Derrick, who’d introduced Ted into fishing a long time ago. It was a birthday present for Derrick. Started out just after 6:45 am. The bite wasn’t easy to start, but Derrick landed the first fish. The relatively strong winds made detecting bottom a chore. The guys fished hard and managed to land 4 or 5 fish total, with the nicest one being the last one, which was around 27″. A couple wild ones were in the mix. Overall, the size of the lakers was smaller today. Fish are fairly scattered, though still concentrated in mid-lake areas.

Lake Ontario out of Oswego 8/23: Got out with my buddy Mike from 6:30 am till around 3 pm today. We were going to target smallmouth bass for the most part, but start with brown trout in the AM. The lake had some large waves today with 2′ to 3′ waves out of the WNW for most of the day. Not my favorite conditions for jigging! We gave the jigging an hour but then went bass fishing.

BTW – the fleet was out from 150′ to around 300′ again today. Reports were slow salmon fishing yesterday, but really good before that.

The tube jig (shallower) bite was slow for us. We hooked a few but only landed one bass first thing in the AM. Moving out deeper (35′) paid off with some chunky smallmouths. Berkley Gulp Gobies did the trick. We worked a few different, subtle areas and found some nice fish. No great numbers today – just 6 or 7 solid bass to 18″.

If you subscribe to, or purchase BASSMASTER Magazine, the new issue features a large photo of Mike in the “Lunker Club” section with his 7lb 1oz smallmouth bass. Check it out! (The photo is also on this website, but it’s very cool seeing it in a magazine!)