Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/28 pm


I haven't done many, if any evening trips this year, so this was the first. The plan was to pick up Brian, his son Seamus and friend Gabriel at Taughannock around 3:15 pm. Unfortunately there was a license issue, so we didn't get underway until after 4. Fortunately it's never been easier to purchase a NYS license. You can do it with ease online or by phone.

The laker bite was fair given how many fish were around. Overall, I'd still call it good fishing. The guys managed 5 nice fish up to around 28" or 29". The full moon likely played into the tougher day bite but as it got later, fish got more aggressive. I don't night fish for lakers much at all, since the daytime bite is so good, but this would be a good time to try it. Fish came from around 85' give or take 10'.