Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/31 + 9/1


8/31: Guided Leo and Ada for a full day. We got underway around 8:30 am. For some reason, they always seem to catch fish despite their insistence on late starts. Vacation is vacation I guess, and I enjoyed sleeping in for a change. Fishing started out tough but improved as the day went on. Strong south winds gave way to westerlies. Both sides of the lake produced fish and we caught some near Taughannock. They wound up landing 8 legal lakers. One nice salmon followed Leo’s jig. 85′ to 100′ FOW was best. White and Smelt colored Lunker City swim fishes were what we used.

9/1: On a last minute call, I booked a trip with Rich and Mark, who happened to be staying on Seneca Lake. I had them come up to Myers Park on Cayuga. We started at 6:30 am and the fishing was tough. The full moon can play a role in tough bites and I think it’s more so in the late summer/fall. Fish feed heavily at night, then slow down and resume feeding midday.

Fish were very inactive. The guys had a few hits, but nothing very solid. Even a bass chased a jig on the west shore. It looked like we’d be in for the mighty skunk, but Rich wound up nailing a 20″ laker. I had the guys fish hard for nearly 6 hours.

I got a chance to test out my brand new FishHawk TD temp probe. My old FishHawk had 200′ of cable and was tedious to use. I had to add weights to the end of it to get it down to the bottom, then it seemed to take forever to get a reading. The company was sold and the new company appears to be much more tech-savvy. The new fish hawk is a modern piece of equipment and indispensable for the serious salmonid fisherman.

Just tie it to the end of your line, hit the start button, wait for the ready signal, and let it go to the bottom. Then reel it up. There’s a digital reading plus a pressure sensor – which records temp at different depths. You get the exact temp at every 5′!!! The battery lasts over 5 years guaranteed. It is not replaceable and there is an automatic shut-off. The unit runs around$155 and is the size of a tiny cellphone. So you’re looking at $30 a year for temp readings. Not bad.

Check out You can order by phone at 218-232-8793. Tell them you heard about it here!