Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/5 + 8/6


Fishing remains very good on Cayuga Lake. The bite is typical August Cayuga fishing with good AM fishing, momentary lulls then action picking back up again and so on. Fish are feeding heavily in anticipation of spawning which takes place in mid-October.

8/5: Guided Greg for a full day. Fishing was good with one laker and three solid browns up to around 8 or 9lbs landed. Everything released today. One brown was dropped as well.

8/6: Guided my old friend (going back to 3rd grade) Chris and his son Brian for close to a full day targeting lake trout. We started around 7:30 am. Nine solid fish were landed. We kept four. I filleted them and found plenty of freshly eaten alewives. We had one fish come up with a lamprey that managed to detach before I could get it onboard. Two of the lakers appeared to be wild fish. We also almost had a nice brown or two. The guys cut out an hour and a half early. Good day. The water looks great. Fish are coming from 65′ or so out to over 90′. Whites have been productive for us lately.