Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 10/18 midday


Guided Mark I. for a 1/2 day trip starting around 11 am today. Mark’s 95 year old father Joe just celebrated his birthday and it was a beautiful day to get out to try for some lakers. Joe holds the Fingerlakes Angling Zone record for being the oldest client I’ve had and the oldest to nab a laker (he caught two back around 4 years ago when we was 91) so we figured he could solidify the record by catching one at 95!

The fishing was very good today (especially for mid to late October around Taughannock/AES) and Mark wound up landing 5 solid lakers up to over 28″ long. The fish were in very good condition – maybe one or two mature spawned out fish and a couple more immature fish (but not dinks – fish running around 20″ to 23″.) Joe struggled for awhile but eventually hit paydirt with a nice 20″ fish. I don’t know what percentage of the population in the United States reach 95, but usually when they do they don’t know what planet they are on and who is who and what is what. Joe is blessed and has his faculties. Maybe I’ll get to see him onboard next year, you never know!

My temperature probe showed a very wide swath of homo-thermal water at around the 60 degree mark all the way down to 70′ or more water. The remainder of the thermocline is still intact down around 80 or 85′. Our best luck came by using 1+1/2 ounce jig heads with white Shakers down from around 110′ to 125′ or so. During the lake trout netting fish were taken down to 200′ on bottom, so they are widely spread out over deep water.