Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 10/24


Guided Gordon for the full day targeting pike on the fly. The weather system was much better for pike activity and despite the lack of wind the fishing wasn’t bad. Gordon landed 3 pike on the fly and one on gear. The largest on the fly was over 36″ – a very solid fish that gave a great battle. Other fish were 31″, 32″ and 29″. Solid Cayuga northerns. No bonus fish today. Water temp was around 56. Most came on a shad/alewife colored deceiver fished on a Type 6 eight wt. full-sinking line. The gear caught fish hit an X-Rap. Very few people are out fishing Cayuga.

One of the highlights of the day was after the trip – I was getting my boat ready to leave when I heard a noise and saw a nice buck run through the park, jump some concrete barriers and then jump into the marina. He swam around and finally exited the water. Took a few seconds and then was on his way. Very entertaining!