Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 4/13 AM


Had a late cancellation, so I wound up getting my boat out for 3 hours of fly-fishing. I did a bit of exploring and managed a follow from a very nice salmon around 23" to 24". Didn't have any other luck until I was ready to leave. My fly got smashed by a 23 1/2" (I think – or was it 22 1/2"? It's a blur) salmon. Great fight and I kept this one for this week's fish dinners. It still had eggs in it from last fall, so it did not spawn. Probably on its way to reabsorbing its eggs. That's what happens when we don't get rain until too late in the season. A stomach check revealed freshwater shrimp and gobies.

A guy was checking the lake level for his own knowledge – Cayuga is about 6" below full pool. It should be launchable everywhere.