Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 4/16


Guided a full day trip with Mike and his son Joseph, who had a week off for spring break from high school. The guys were looking to learn about fishing Cayuga Lake with regards to casting for trout/salmon and jigging. After an uncertain forecast early in the week for today, the most recent forecast looked pretty reasonable so off we went. We launched at 9:30 am.

Fishing was tough today. Some of it is likely the lack of warm water. Despite warm rain on Sunday night, the cold temps on Monday and Monday night really cooled the influxes of water back down. We didn’t find much water warmer than 41 degrees today. We did not encounter any shallow lakers despite working a bunch of areas. Mike did nab a beautiful 17″+ rainbow on a tube jig. We sporadically encounter rainbows casting and jigging but not many and we saw very few last year. He had a follow from what sounded like a nice salmon (he described the fish – which I did not see, to me.) Jigging was slow out of Myers too. It is better up north overall. The guys had a couple hookups but not many. Mike did manage to land a solid fish around 24″. Joe lost one that appeared to be a pretty good fish after around 20 or 30 seconds.

Launching at Myers did not pose any problems for my 18′ boat. The lake should be rising fairly quickly now. It appears to be up another foot or more from last week. Now we just need a gradual warming trend and the inshore trout/salmon fishery should get back on track.