Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 5/20 PM + 5/21


5/20 PM: Guided Todd starting at 3:30 pm. As we launched, the Bears/Barney Derby awards ceremony was taking place. Top fish was an 11lb+ lake trout. A lot of other solid lakers were on the board. The non-laker board was made up of brown trout running 6 to 10lbs with most in the 9lb range. Very solid! I had Todd casting stickbaits and tube jigs. He managed to land two solid lakers in the 23" to 24" range and one very fat (goby-fed) brown trout around 17". He also had follows from a few salmon. Pretty solid day of "late season casting."

5/21: Today I guided Tom, who used to guide fly fishermen on the Snake River. The goal was to get a salmon on the fly (or via casting.) Unfortunately it was not to be today. We had very tough glassy conditions (which can be good for laker jigging but that wasn't what we wanted to do.) Tom is a very good fly-caster and did his job well. He had a couple close encounters with nice salmon and a few follows from small fish but no definite grabs. I had him out for a long time trying to make things happen but the fish didn't cooperate for us. Steady wind really makes for better fishing this time of year. Over the past couple (great) years we've been able to get a fish or two during the tougher conditions but it just wasn't to be today. Water temps we encountered ranged from 47 to 55 or so. Good temps but fish can be virtually anywhere, from the bank out to suspended over deep water – it's becoming more of a troller's game now. Anyways it was a gorgeous day to be out and I had a lot of fun talking guiding, fishing and other stuff with Tom.