Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 5/8 PM


Finally got my newer Crestliner (my 2013 FishHawk) out on the water for its shakedown trip. Everything is looking and running great! Cayuga Lake had a good chop today, sunny conditions and a steady north wind – just what I like for casting for salmon. Much of the lower lake (south of Taughannock) is showing water temperatures of around 45/46 degrees.

Fishing remains slow for browns and salmon. I fished around 4+1/2 hours today in a variety of areas and had a few follows from what were likely freshly stocked dinks. In one area I caught one with a Countdown Rapala in a discontinued flourescent orange/yellow glow color. A few casts later I was solid into a big fish. I thought it was a brown, but it wound up being a beautiful 10lb. 29″ laker that walloped my stickbait in around 8 FOW. I kept the fish for the smoker hence the weight. The stomach was filled with gobies of various sizes. I talked to two other boaters that pulled out when I did. One blanked and the other landed around a 3lb brown. Fish were scattered and somewhat inactive today.

This website is in the midst of a nice new facelift. It will read much better and easier on smartphones and tablets. The format will be the same with the lakes, species, reports and other headers/content but it is much more modern. I’m not sure when it’ll be online but hopefully within a couple months at the latest. I will have an easier time posting photos and will be able to add them to the reports. It’s long overdue! I gave up for the most part on adding massive numbers photos to this site because it was a major hassle. It was a pain for the viewer to click through and a pain on my end, so I only add special shots, like the sturgeon from last year or something of that nature.