Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 6/29 AM


Guided Bob and Joanie here for an abbreviated half-day trip starting around 7:30 am.  This was the only day they could fish, so I kept my eye on the weather and called them this AM.  Our window of decent weather looked to be from 6:30 AM to around 9:30.  They were staying about an hour away, so the best they could do for a start time was around 7:30 am. Unfortunately they didn’t bring any rain gear!  I had some extra stuff that they wore.   Bob and Joanie first came out with me during my first or second year of guiding.  They fish up here a fair amount.  They just spaced on the rain gear for some reason.

Things started off well with Joan nabbing a laker on her first drop of the jig.  A couple more were landed by Joan and Bob, and a couple were lost by Bob.  We stayed around the Ithaca area due to the predictions of southerlies gusting up to 28 mph.  I wasn’t about to be caught in giant waves today!  I learned my lesson.

The rain stayed away until around 9:45 am, then it started coming down a bit heavier.  We called it a day around 10 am.  It was a good time and the water on Cayuga Lake remains crystal clear, or at least clear enough!   Can’t beat that for going into July!

Bob hooked up with a good fish that unfortunately got off seconds later!