Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/22 + 23


Fishing continues to impress out of Cayuga Lake. I’m always a happy man when Cayuga is cranking out good to great trout fishing – it means less driving on my end and I can almost have a normal life in the summer.

7/22: Guided Tim and his son Zack for a full day. They first fished with me back around 2006 or ’07 if I remember right and I saw them last year as well for some bass fishing on Owasco Lake. Conditions were excellent for lake trout fishing on Friday and the fish bit well throughout the day. We had a good early bite (we started just after 5:30 am) and then the bite more or less continued until we called it a day around 1:30 pm. 20 solid lakers to 31″ long were landed. We had 2 to 3 doubles going as well. 85′ to 95′ FOW produced for us. As has been the case this summer thus far – it was hot out, but fortunately the lake breezes kept things comfortable most of the time. Very few boats were out on the lake.

7/23: Guided Greg for a full day starting at 5:30 am. Fishing was tougher than yesterday but still decent with a fair AM bite, slow mid-morning fishing then a good late flurry with some solid 27″ to 28″ lake trout. Greg managed 8 solid fish on the day. We tried a bunch of different areas today and wound up having some good deep fishing (120′) in the AM, which is deeper than I usually need to go. There was no shortage of boat traffic today and the winds really cranked up by noon, though we didn’t see too many (if any) of the predicted 30 mph gusts. The wind-surfers/sailers were loving it.